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There are few people that like to be outdoors as much as me, and no matter what the activity may be, spending time in the sun is such an enjoyable and relaxing time for me. It is something that I like to do either alone or with a group, and it can be such a nice change of pace to just go to the park and chill out with friends for a few hours. I think some people forget what being outdoors can do to their overall mood.

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I know that everyone is staying busy these days, but sometimes we have to take a break from it all if we don’t want to lose out on some of the most important things in life. It has only been the last one hundred years or so that we have spent more time indoors than out. The industrial revolution was the main reason for the change as before it, most people were outside most of the day and only inside at home after working long hours on the land. There are many people these days that prefer skiing, hiking, running, cycling, and other outdoor activities, but there are also many more people that prefer to stay indoors and watch movies or play video games. As life has changed drastically for mankind, health issues of today include higher rates for obesity, depression, diabetes, and a host of other diseases and ailments.


For those of us that spend more time outside, we typically feel that it is beneficial, and most prefer to get back outdoors whenever they have a chance. Just breathing in the fresh air tends to change me and walking through nature trails can really help to stave off depression or sad moods. Studies are constantly showing how the outdoors has long-ranging benefits for both your mental and physical health. The following are just some of the benefits of spending more time outdoors.


Being Outside More Extends Our Lives

People at the park


This is one of the best reasons to get out with Mother Nature as it can add years to lives according to many studies that have been conducted on the subject. A direct correlation has been discovered between living in rural areas compared to urban areas and how it impacts the quality of life. What they have shown is that people that live in areas that are greener tend to have healthier lives and thus extend their life expectancy. This is why I stress to people that they should enjoy parks as often as they can, exercise when possible, breathe that fresh air when it is there, and enjoy life to the fullest. All of these things directly impact your health over time in a positive way.


Being Outside Is Great for Kids


Similar studies have shown that living close to nature has an even more dramatic effect on kids, with those living in rural areas less likely to suffer from vertigo or childhood depression. I believe that even a walk home every day through a park is a good way to impact a child’s health.