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Wednesday, 11 October 2006 22:13

The ACTESA’s livestock engagement is based on supporting active and potential livestock value chains in the 19 COMESA member countries. The target value chains include live animals (cattle, sheep, goats, camels, poultry, swine and traction animals etc), livestock primary products (meat, hides and skins, milk, eggs) and livestock secondary products (butter, ghee, cheese) that are to be traded in domestic, regional and international markets. In the initial phase ACTESA will focus on supporting livestock value chains which provide the greatest potential for achieving COMESA’s vision of “increased regional integration and improved competiveness of staple food markets, leading to broad-based growth and decreased food insecurity”

ACTESA’s livestock value chain enagagement will address the three fundamental ACTESA objectives:

Improve competitiveness of the poor livestock sector through improved and pro-poor policies;

Improve and expand market facilities to facilitate poor livestock holders to integrate into markets;

Improve commercialization of the poor livestock sector through improving their organizational, entrepreneurial and technical capacities and efficiencies.

1. Policy Engagement

ACTESA livestock program plans to:

1. Conduct assessment of policy issues affecting production, investment, marketing and trade of livestock. The policy assessment will be based on stakeholder/client satisfaction approach.

2. Conduct comparative analysis of markets in order to identify comparative policy impacts.

3. Set up indicators for monitoring and evaluating policies.

4. Present recommendations from policy assessment to COMESA Council of Ministers.

    In its policy engagement, ACTESA will:

    1. Coordinate and synergize with other institutions engaged in pro-poor livestock policies (AU, IGAD, EAC, AU-IBAR, ILRI…).

    2. Create livestock policy /regulatory forum that will bring together actors engaged in livestock polices and stakeholder representatives to discuss and make recommendations.

    2. Support Improvement of Livestock Facilities and Services

    Under this activity ACTESA will create and support fora bringing together subject actors/specialists to improve facilities and services along the livestock value chains (animal health, infrastructure, transport, finance, input supply and delivery and information and communication)

    3. Commercialization of the Poor Livestock Sector

    In this Activity ACTESA will assist formation and development of livestock associations (value chain and/or activity member based) at the local, national and regional levels.


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