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ACTESA will focus on building market information system, providing services and increasing commercialization of smallholders in the following sub-sectors:

  • Grains and Pulses
  • Oil Seeds
  • Roots and Tubes
  • Livestock
  • Forest and National Products
  • Tree Crops
  • Agriculture Inputs

ACTESA will target geographical areas within Eastern and Southern Africa that include a larger number of vulnerable populations but also have the potential to produce surplus staples for the market.

The target beneficiaries from these areas farming communities in selected areas that drought prone, emerging from conflicts, or otherwise vulnerable and may or may not be receiving support from food aid programs to improve their production systems

By endorsing ACTESA, COMESA member states showed commitment to ensuring that food aid assistance and other types of food security interventions in the region are development oriented, and promote sustainability of food security among target beneficiaries.