Why I Love to Walk

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I am the type of person that always insists on comfortable walking shoes because I never know when I might have the inclination to walk a trail I may find. It is not that I love walking as a form of exercise, but I also love taking in the views of the landscapes I come across. Over the years, I have been an avid walker and I have encouraged others to do the same. Once you get started, it may be difficult to stop since it can become quite addictive.

If there are those that are unconvinced about if walking is going to be good for them, they can just look at the many reasons that you should probably be walking. If you are searching for the best walking shoes, it always helps to have some advice or tips on where to turn. But if you are still not convinced, you should ask yourself if you should consider walking about an hour a day. It can definitely help your entire body, your mind, as well as your spirit. Here are some other reasons why you should get into walking.


Walk More, Live Longer

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Studies have shown that men that walk up to 2 miles daily can cut increase their life expectancy and that walking has been associated with lowering the risk of cancer as well. In other words, if you start walking, you are almost assured of a healthier and longer life.


Walking Keeps Weight Off


Count those steps since two thousand or more daily can ensure that you maintain your current weight and it doesn’t go up. If you are on the quest to lose some weight, then you can add a few thousand steps incrementally.


Walking Weight Off


In order to lose weight, you are going to have to burn off more calories that you take in and walking can help you do that. Of course, you have to be diligent in what you eat but it can be done as walking results in lean muscle, increases metabolic rates, and takes inches off of your waist. Most of the successful workout routines I have read about include walking as a form of exercise.


Walking Reduces Cancer Risks

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There have been so many studies that have shown that walking decreases the likelihood of cancer. In fact, many people that are undergoing treatment for cancer often take up walking for survival and recovery.


Walking More Decreases Diabetes Risk


In just thirty minutes a day, you can get the daily requirement you need and also prevent Type II diabetes. If you are overweight, then you should really look into a walking regimen as it can maintain the blood sugar balance.


Walking to Boost Brain Power


Walking has helped me relax and reduce my stress levels, and there are several studies out there that support these claims for others. If you want to be mentally sharper, it is quite simple what you have to do. Just get out there and walk!